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FAQs and Help:

I put a lot of xpadder videos on my youtube channel. Check THAT poop out!
My xpadder controller images.  HERE.

Need help setting up Xpadder? I put this tutorial guide together.

…more is coming.

Game Profiles (alphabetical list):

7 Days to Die (Released!! 8/26/2014)

Arcane Worlds

Arma 3 (Released!! 8/15/2014)


DayZ Standalone (updated 8/13/2014)

the Forest

Heroes & Generals

Interstellar Marines

the Long Dark (Released! 1/19/2015)

Rust (has true toggle sprint and crouch! Only works in Rust Legacy)

Surgeon Simulator (mimics the PS4 version so you can try the console peasant experience)

theHunter: Primal (Released! 1/20/2015)


More Coming Soon!